First Book: "Divergent"


In a dystopian Chicago, the town Beatrice Prior lives, society is sectioned in five factions,each cultivating a certain virtue: Dauntless  (the brave) , Amity ( the peaceful) , Abnegation  (the selfless) , Candor( the  honest ) , Erudite (the intelligent). Beatrice has two ways in her life: to stay in the faction her parents are or to choose the faction she thinks fits her best.Finally, Beatrice's choice surprises everyone.
 During the initiation , marked by a strong rivality,Beatrice changes her name in Tris , striving to find out who really are her friends and, of course, if a love story with a guy sometimes wonderful, sometimes annoying  will find her role in her life that herself has chosen . But Tris has a secret and if someone will find out, then she is dead. The more she discovers a conflict that intensifies, threatening to unravel the society apparently perfect she lives in, finds out that her secret could help her to save the loved ones ...or to destroy her.

Here is the trailer of "Divergent":  


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